Freelance educational psychologist 

Paulien Foekens is a freelance educational psychologist (“orthopedagoog”) who offers learning and behavioral support for children and their parents. Services include:

  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Learning support (e.g. tutoring, coaching)
  • Behavioral support (e.g. guidance, behavioral therapy)
  • Pedagogical advice for caregivers and teachers

What is PAVO?

PAVO (Latin: peacock, ‘pauw’ in Dutch) stands for pride, beauty, happiness and love.

The magnificence of the peacock doesn’t always show. Peacocks may walk around as ‘normal’ birds whereas there is more beauty for them to show. Often hidden among the closed feathers, we know it’s there. Sparse moments, when peacocks spread their wings and show the world the beauty they own. Time to pull out all the stops and dare to show what they’re capable of. They feel proud, strong and full of hope.
Secretly we knew all along…

* Pavo is also used for the brightest star in a constellation called Pavo.

Who is PAVO?


My name is Paulien Foekens, graduated educational psychologist, or ‘pedagogical scientist’ at the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Educational sciences). I work with children who deal with learning and behavioral problems and give advice to caregivers. From my background I am particularly conscious of the environmental factors affecting a child’s development.

Because of my experience of being a tutor for children of varying ages and levels of education I became aware of the strong interaction between learning and behaviour. Thus, I try to let children enjoy learning (so they feel better), or make children feel and ‘do’ better (which affects school life). “Look I can do it!” – “Yes, it was fun!”. And then, we’re all as proud as a peacock.

As a Cogmed Coach, I have knowledge of cognitive methods to improve working memory, used to deminish attention problems.

I am internationally minded and enjoy working with children and parents from different ethnic backgrounds. Aside from giving individual support, I like to be involved in health care at a policy level.

As an educational psychologist I am registered at the association of Educationalists in the Netherlands (See NVO). Currently I am doing a postmaster study for child & youth psychologists.

Through psycho-educational assessments and tutoring I long for every child to bring out his/her very best. In this, flexibility and cooperation are of great importance to me.

Proud of yourself, proud of your child, proud of your student