Paulien is a freelance educational psychologist who offers learning and behavioral support for children and their parents. Services include:

  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Learning support (e.g. tutoring, coaching)
  • Behavioral support (e.g. guidance, behavioral therapy)
  • Pedagogical advice for caregivers and teachers

What is PAVO?

PAVO (Latin: peacock, ‘pauw’ in Dutch) stands for pride,┬ábeauty, happiness and love. *Pavo is also used for the brightest star in a constellation called Pavo.

The magnificence of the peacock doesn’t always show. Peacocks may walk around as ‘normal’ birds whereas there is more beauty for them to show. Often hidden among the closed feathers, we know it’s there. Sparse moments, when peacocks spread their wings and show the world the beauty they own. Time to pull out all the stops and dare to show what they’re capable of. They feel proud, strong and full of hope.

Secretly we knew all along…